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Category: Portfolio Date: March 16, 2017 Website: Dor Sasson - Photographer & Director


I am a photographer and director at the Happydays company for 7 years.
I got to work with dozens of great business clients and amazing singers.
I shot over 500 weddings during my life, stills and video, with each couple trying to give the best gift – the memory of their special day.
I built the site with a viewer mindset, how he would like to see me and what it was important for him to know me.
Sentences that accompany me throughout life, and the way I told my story and my life – can be through pictures.


Building a website for yourself is a serious challenge.
Here you truly demonstrate whether the research and the things you study also bring results.
The challenge was to build a responsive website for Web and Mobile.
A site that is easy to access for any tab but also wants to show my clients everything I want in their first minute on the site.
Get customers interested in you and your story and prioritize the site’s work best.


The portfolio had to be focused on 4 topics.
Names that will inspire the viewer to come in and crave to see how my eyes work in each situation.
I chose different names than any photographer would choose to create differentiation.

In 2017 I entered the world of directing and video photography professionally.
Until then, I was filming video but never a business customer.
In 2017, a turnaround began and I decided to take a step forward in everything I knew about the video world.
You have to know to give each category its place and space in the user experience.
When you put everything in the same place, you usually lower the value of that category. (That sometimes needs to be done too.)
So a person looking for my service knows exactly where they need to go in to find what they are looking for, and can test my capabilities based on what they see.

The “About” page as people usually call it,
It is usually a very boring page.
People do not attach much importance to it and treat it more as a burden than to enjoy the process and understanding of “understanding their story.”
Once we can understand the story – it will be much easier for us to build something original and different.
(On the previous site I had an interesting video about me. But it took a while and it needs a renewal so one day I’ll make another one.)
As a photographer, it was easy for me to pass my life through pictures,
How can you convey the story about yourself other than writing words?
What sets you apart? What are your abilities?

I searched for each category the most appropriate sentence to match what one sees to the text.
You have to understand that a plurality of categories is hurting your product and sometimes you need to know how to combine and put everything under one tab.
This category could be called “People & Portraits”
Then, what did I do different from anyone I already know?
How did I intrigue the viewer to explore the world and my way of photography?
The viewer must be intrigued, must select the right content to present your site in the most positive and amazing light.

In my video world,
First of all, I tried to write what video is to me, what my vision is about video and cinema.
I chose here to put just a picture of the first text and clip displayed on the site (you can see the rest on the site itself).
You have to know how to prioritize any content displayed on the site, what you want the viewer to look first and last, and why.
Abraham Tal’s clip, is a clip that shows a story in a productive way, that’s what I wanted to show every business customer who would come in to see it.

I want to show you my portfolio in Vimeo through Happydays.
There is a difference here from my personal site, when the order of the videos is different and you have to understand who will enter Vimeo, and who will enter my site.
Once you know who is going where, you can bring your business to a much safer and right place.



 showreel 2019.
A summary clip that shows all the things that went through a year,
It’s an interesting marketing clip that shouldn’t pass a 1 minute.
1 Min is a great time to share as a sponsored post on any social network and viewer can hold a minute to watch a clip.

Everything was filmed, produced and edited by me.